Korean dramas

Korean drama are generally famous as K-dramas in the Korean language which are produced in Korea. These dram series are famous in all over the world especially in Asia due to the spread of Korean culture and are dubbed in different languages. Most of the 3rd world countries aired these dramas on their national television. The English sub titles dramas in romance, comedies and horror are here at asiantv.cfd. As a result of K-dramas, a lot of tourists from all over the world moved towards Korea to enjoy the natural beauty of Korean land.

History Of Korean dramas

An experimental TV broadcasting was started in 1956 and was closed due to fire. Korean broadcasting was the first television channel that was launched in 1961. At that time KBS had more strict policies and dramas were not popular among public. In 1970, TV became popular among public due to its historical dramas but on the other hand, technology and funds were not commercial. So KBS has to import dramas of America and other foreign countries.
After 1980s, there was a wave of changes in the Korean Television. The main reason of change was as television became color screen. dramas became modern and attracted the people of urban areas as well as the rural areas. A historical and the era of classic history was aired and boomed the drama industry. IN 1990, new commercial channel was established named as Seoul Broadcasting. It was a revolution in Korean drama production industry and attracted a large number of viewers.

Afterwards 2000s, Korean dramas gained its birth again and these dramas became popular in the world. It was the era which categorized the dramas into different styles and one of the main reason was the spread of technology and the new genre was named as “fusion sageuk” In 2010 t0 2020, it gained the popularity because a new generation was fully aware of the usage of digital technologies and streaming at different devices with the connection of internet and one of the famous streaming is at asiantv.cfd.

In late 2010 and 2020, K dramas were most popular in the world and its dramas were viewed at world record in few hours. One the drama was viewed 111million in a day. No doubt, Korean dramas are having space in all over the world and are watched in 150 countries especially in Asian countries.

Plots and storylines

K-dramas consist of different categories like action dramas, historical dramas, school dramas, medical dramas, legal dramas , romantic dramas and horror comedies. Korean dramas consist of emotional and romantic themes having numerous tone and styles on myasiantv .
The major themes of K-dramas are love, family values, friendship and the trust of people to Wester materialistic and independence life. But now a days the trend is moving toward social issues like mental disorder, gender discrimination, corrupt practices, class status, homosexuality, racial discrimination and many more. However, characters like rich, handsome, a true love and intelligent are the major factor of popularity among Asian women. It should also be noted that music is an essential in Korean dramas that is popular all over the world especially in Asian countries where folk music exist as much as in the digital world.


from the above discussion, we can conclude that Korean dramas are as popular and vast like an ocean. Television market is incomplete without Asian TV programs. In the era of digitalization, Korean drama are playing catalystic role in streaming all over the world. A lot of websites are streaning the dramas and Asian dramas are seen all over the world and asiantv.cfd is the best streaming for all types of Korean programs. Asian music is classical and worth listening along with Asian beauty and history is as interesting as the Asian people.